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This page is dedicated to all that is happening on the film projects as we work through pre-production and towards our filming date and beyond.

Visit regularly to find out how the project is getting along.  Scroll to the bottom to follow the story in chronological order.  And remember you can always become a part of it!

Heroes clip goes live

As a way to publicly thank our first investors, we have created this short video animation. With music by Clive and visuals by Neil, it suggests the Steampunk world we are creating.   Everyone who invests will have their name uploaded to our forthcoming hall of fame and will see themselves at the end of this video.

Above image by Neil Palfreyman

Final Rehearsals for King's Ransom

Things have been extremely busy in the world of Professor King.   King's Ransom is to be staged for only the second time - in Cheltenham this weekend.    The show was the last to be directed by Clive's long time collaborator -Ian Baldwin.  The whole cast have gathered to stage the show and pay tribute to Ian and his wonderful production.

Into the Woods - Location Scouting - Day 2

Having left the cold and darkness of the fort, the team journeyed to Hurum in search of a forest environment.

After walking several kilometres (involving some steep climbs) we began to find some incredible places.

The team explored the

The path through the woods narrowed until it was precipitous on both sides.

We are planning an expedition sequence as King and his allies make their way to the labyrinth, hidden deep in the Black Forest.  This woodland offers us many opportunities. It's just a shame we probably only need around four shots as a travelling montage.

Eventually the path descended to a valley with a small stream running through it.  The bridge here looks very modern but it wouldn't take much set dressing to make it look ancient and rickety.  This sequence is crying out for the Indiana Jones vibe.

Location Scouting - Day 1

The team explored the extensive tunnel system of Hoytorp Fort in Mysen, Norway.

Before descending into the depths of the Earth, Clive Nolan and Neil Monaghan gave an interview to the local press about the project.

Hoytorp Fort was completed in 1915 and saw active service against the Nazis in 1940.  It was finally decommissioned in 2001.

Checking out the front of the fort.  We found a fantastic space enclosed by rough hewn rock and high stone walls.  This location could serve as the space outside Newgate Prison, where Amelia's execution is destined to take place.

The team figured out what would need to be built and how many background artists it would take to fill the extensive space.

The entrance to the fort can be seen just ahead of Clive.

Next up - entering the Labyrinth...

The opposite picture shows Clive just inside the entrance as we begin our journey into the interior.   This corridor iselectrically lit and the walls are plastered.

This tunnel runs 50 metres or so before dividing - one route heads to the upper guns. The other towards what appears to be an unfinished section of rough hewn rock.

Within all of this are apparent hidden tunnels and mysterious chambers.  A few of which we will be using.

Another deep staircase discovered.  Neil shines a light down to Dag on camera to determine the length of the steps and what we might do with them.

It's a difficult walk as we go deeper inside the Labyrinth. There are a lot of loose stones and derelict areas.

Again though - the thrill of this is how we can imagine its use in the movies.  It would be expensive to build this - but here it is, the real thing.  No wobbly sets for us!!

A hidden door opens to what might be very useful.  We are looking for Amelia's cell as well as most of Under London. What we find here is extraordinary....

A series of huge caverns - carved out of the rock leading to a row of firing points.  Its easy to imagine the fight against the Nazis from these defensive positions.

King Chronicles Facebook Page

Wednesday 27th June - Having secured our Facebook page for the Professor King Chronicles, we are now adding content.

We will then be inviting all those already following us on other platforms to like the new page.   The plan is  to network all of these resources so that it's always easy to find out what's happening in the production process of the King movies.

Recently the team jetted off to Norway on a location scouting mission.  We found a huge underground tunnel system as well as mountainsides and extensive woodlands.  We will shortly be posting pictures and short video documentaries of our progress.